Film/TV Education

Course Materials
Syllabuses, reading lists, guidance on writing student papers, various class handouts
Directory of Educators' E-mail Addresses
Compiled originally from e-mail discussion groups on film/TV studies
Employment Office
Teaching jobs and job-seekers' resumes
Financial Aid Resources
Where to find it, how to apply
Scholarly Associations and Societies
The Society for Cinema Studies, University Film and Video Association, others
Scholarly Conferences
Conferences for the associations listed above, plus unaffiliated conferences
Schools: Film/TV Programs
Application procedures, course and faculty listings, program descriptions
Schools: General Listings
All colleges/universities
Publishers' Online Resources
Book abstracts, publication lists, ordering information
Textbook and Related Materials
Sample chapters, links to textbook publishers

General Education Resources

(U.S.) Department of Education
Information about programs, policies, people, and practices that exist at the DoE--including Teacher's Guide to the Department of Education and Researcher's Guide to the Department of Education.
Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC)
A national information system, supported by the U.S. Department of Education, that provides, through its 16 subject-specific clearinghouses, associated adjunct clearinghouses, and support components, a variety of services and products on a broad range of education-related issues.
The Foundation Center
An independent nonprofit organization that maintains a database on foundations and corporate giving programs and the Foundation Directory--a reference work for grantseekers.

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