Miscellanea: Both Film/TV and General

Film/TV Miscellanea

TV Net
The television index of the Internet. TV listings and tons of other stuff.
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual-Centered Film List
Frank Swilling's compilation of GLB-centered films. Includes a directory of film distributors.
Mail-order Video Sources
Jim Thompson's selected list of where to find choice video materials
The National Film Registry
The films chosen by Congress each year for special preservation. Links to more info (from the Internet Movie Database) on the films are provided.

General Miscellanea

The SCREENsite Index of Material Wholly--And We Do Mean Wholly--Unrelated to the Study of Film and Television
Don't blame us for what you find here...
Cripes! A Humor 'Zine
"Hey, you kids stop that! Stop that right now!"
Music and Radio
FolkBook, JazzWeb, roots music

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