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Production information and advice for video artists and filmmakers from Cinema Canada Online/Cyber Film School.
French journal focusing on films released in France. This links to the France Cinema Multimedia page where Actuacine and Grand Ecran--another French magazine with film reviews--are kept.
Animation Journal
Only peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to animation history and theory. Its content reflects the diversity of animation's production techniques and national origins.
L'art du cinema
On-line French film journal.
Quarterly journal of film, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, and perception.
The Biz
On-line trade publication focusing on individuals in entertainment industry.
Boxoffice Magazine
Business magazine of the motion picture industry.
Bright Lights Film Journal
Glossy, 8-1/2" x 11" popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international film from a wide range of vantage points from the aesthetic to the political. A prime area of focus is on the connection between capitalist society and the images that reflect, support, or subvert it--movies as propaganda.
Cable Regulation Digest
Gopher archive of "Cable Regulation Digest" editions from "Multichannel News". These materials are archived here as a service to that organization, which has provided the included files.
Camera Obscura
A journal of feminism and media theory.
Canadian Journal of Communication
Primarily English-language quarterly in the field of communication studies and journalism education; balances thematic issues (one or two per year) with more general issues containing peer-reviewed articles, commentaries, research in brief and book reviews. All articles in the Journal have abstracts in both English and French.
Canadian Journal of Film Studies On-Line
World Wide Web access to the Revue canadienne d'etudes cinimatographiques /Canadian Journal of Film Studies.
A guide to what's happening in international film, cinema and movies. Each month Cinema covers a selection of current movie reviews, a Cinefile of cult and classic movies, plus features on leading actors and directors.
Cinema Journal
Academic journal published in cooperation with the Society for Cinema Studies.
CinemaS p a c e
This site is currently under construction. It will contain the journal CinemaSpace, from the Film Studies Program at UC Berkeley. It will be devoted to all aspects of Cinema and New Media.
Cinema Technology
Recent Articles: Out of the Lens Cupboard, In depth study of the anamorphic process from Hypergonar to Cinemascope; Coming in 70mm, the future of 70mm theatrical prints; Cinema Pre history; ICON FilmSTAR, Ticketing system;Dolby SR Digital Sound; Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS); Cinerama; IMAX; Futuroscope
Communication and Media Studies Journals from Sage
Descriptions and ordering information for Media, Culture, & Society, European Journal of Communication, Communication Abstracts, Discourse & Society and other journals.
The Australian Journal of Media and Culture. Several issues available online.
Critical Inquiry
Interdisciplinary journal that brings its readers current criticism on a variety of topics within literature, art, architecture, film, history, philosophy, and music.
International, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture. Sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory, reviews are posted periodically of key books in contemporary discourse as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape.
Cultural Studies Times
On-line cultural studies journal from Routledge.
International magazine for innovative developments in theatre, performance, media, visual art and literature.
Difference Engine
Aims to creatively employ new technologies of information and communication, to provide critical Content relevant to the 'digital revolution', within an innovative environment or architecture, while developing on-line working practices and editorial protocols in digital publishing.
Journal for the theoretical study of media and culture.
The complete on-line version of the current issue of Digital Video, a print magazine with reviews and tutorials on digital media tools.
The Farnsworth Chronicles
Online account of the life of inventor Philo T. Farnsworth, who, at the age of 13, dreamed of trapping light in an empty jar and transmitting it, one line at a time, on a magnetically deflected beam of electrons.
Federal Communications Law Journal
Published by the Indiana University Law School and the Federal Communications Bar Association.
Film and History
Table of contents for latest issues of this interdisciplinary journal of Film and Television Studies.
Film and Philosophy and The SPSCVA Review
New philosophy journal and review published annually by the Society for the Philosophic Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts.
Film Feature Forum
Newsletter produced by the Association of European Film and Media Journals. Provides abstracts of recent articles published in the following publications: Balkanmedia (Hungary), Blimp (Austria), Chaplin (Sweden), Cinemaya (India) Ekran (Slovenia), Film a Doba (Czech Republic), Filmbulletin (Switzerland), Film und Fernsehen (Germany), Kinovedcheskie zapiski (Russia), Skrien (Netherlands), Vertigo (Great Britain).
Tri-lingual journal dedicated to the study of the relationship between history and cinema studies modeled on the British journals Historical Journal of Film, Radio, and Television and Film and History. Film-Historia seeks to expand the study of film as testimony of society and culture, and as a new tool for the teaching of history.
Film International
Quarterly cross cultural film review with issues available in English and Persian.
Explores the creative process and demystifies the production process of independent movie-making.
fps: The Magazine of Animation on Film and Video
Dedicated to the world of animation, in all its forms: Japanese animation, cutout animation, big-budget commercial productions, independent works, the old, the new, the famous, the infamous, the obscure.
Film Quarterly
Offers articles covering the entire field of film studies. Articles include interviews with innovative directors, producers, actors, and writers; discussion of issues in contemporary film theory; definitive, reviews of the latest cinema and video releases; and important approaches to film history.
International journal about the first 30 years of film history. Griffithiana is devoted to the study of silent film and animation. The journal features articles by prominent international film scholars, historians, archivists, and journalists. Also included are exhaustive filmographies, reviews of international cinema books, and two handsomely illustrated issues each year that showcase newly rediscovered and restored films presented at the Pordenone Film Festival.
Informal electronic trade journal for people in the computer animation industry as well as those pursuing a career in computer animation. Some of the main highlights of G-Web, include an up to date job listing section, and cozy behind the scenes interviews with the people leading this industry.
The Hollywood Reporter
Online version of first daily trade paper for the entertainment industry.
The Howard Journal of Communications
Independent, peer-reviewed journal designed to foster exchange among scholars of all communications disciplines on theory, application, policy, and pathology, especially from a cultural perspective.
Image Technology
Journal of the BKSTS, The Moving Image Society. Published ten times per year this journal covers information on new technology in Film, Sound, Television, Special Effects, A/V, Special Venue (Theme Park), and Multimedia.
Iris: A Journal of Image and Sound
Biannual publication that presents current scholarship in film theory and the relation of image to sound. Begun in 1983, Iris devotes each issue to a different aspect of film theory or history. Since 1989, the Spring issue is published in the United States and the Fall issue in France.
Journal of Criminal Justice and Popular Culture
Reviews of all types of popular culture artifacts and original essays pertaining to the intersection of popular culture and criminal justice.
Journal of Film and Video
Published quarterly by the University Film and Video Association, Journal focuses on scholarship in the fields of film and video production, history, theory, criticism, and aesthetics.
Journal of Popular Film and Television
Dedicated to popular film and television in the broadest sense. Concentration is upon commercial cinema and television: stars, directors, producers, studios, networks, genres, series, the audience, etc.
Jump Cut
A review of contemporary media.
Kulture Void Pictures
A new webzine dedicated to independent filmmaking.
Quarterly journal concentrating on the study of audiovisual culture. It is an open forum for all interested in the subject. It publishes articles in Finnish and summaries in English.
McLuhan Probes
Monthly publication produced by Communication Design students from around the world, on the thoughts and observations of media theorist Herbert Marshall McLuhan. Published by the Herbert Marshall McLuhan Foundation.
Media 3
Media education resource guide for teachers, students and media professionals produced by 3rd year and post graduate students in Media Arts at Deakin University, Rusden Campus, Clayton, VIC. Australia. Each issue is researched and written by students, who are involved in all stages of its production from editorial input through to photography and design.
Established in 1985 as a meeting place for video artists and TV dissidents, Mediamatic Magazine is concerned with art and media and the changes being wrought by techno-culture, hypermedia and virtuality.
Media Studies Journal
Quarterly forum for scholars, practitioners and informed commentators to discuss topical themes of enduring importance to the mass media and the public.
Millennium Film Journal
Publishes articles about independent, experimental, and avant-garde cinema, video, and, more recently, works that use the newer technologies.
Multimedia publication from Boston University's College of Communication
New Media: Technology, Society, Culture
Provides a forum for social science, cultural studies and innovation and policy studies perspectives on the emergence, adoption and implications of new information and communication technologies, and their applications in the form of new media products and services.
Nordic Media News
Published by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Advisory board in cooperation with the Steering Committee for Culture and Mass Media. Subscription is free.
Focuses critical attention on the contemporary arts and their various contexts of interpretation: film; painting; music; photography; performance; sculpture; literature.
A vision of the future for the production and study of digital media upon the world-wide network including the creation and anthologizing of "transpixins"(digital movies viewed over the internet). Sponsored by Northwestern University's RTVF Department.
On: Production and Post Production
On-line publication with articles on technical aspects of film and video production.
Postmodern Culture
An electronic journal of interdisciplinary criticism.
POST SCRIPT: Essays in Film and the Humanities
Publishes scholarly articles on film, interviews with filmmakers, reviews of film-related books, and an annual bibliography of the latest articles in film studies.
Public Culture
Award winning cultural studies journal for the critical multidisciplinary reader. Concerned with global flows and the cultural sphere, the journal features essays dealing with the increasing deterritorialization of cultural expressions and the rapid emergence of cosmopolitan forms -- such as cinema, television, museums, and tourism -- in different national settings.
Quarterly Review of Film and Video
Publishes critical, theoretical and historical essays and extended book reviews on film, television and video, exploring these media in their technological, institutional and cultural contexts. The scope is international; featuring articles and special issues assessing developments in theory and practice from around the world, as well as translations of foreign-language texts.
From pop videos to art films, film noir to third world cinema, Screen keeps pace with the changing world of film. Each issue offers the latest developments in film, television, and cultural theory plus conference reports, and book reviews.
Interdisciplinary Journal in Women's Studies.
Subtitled "Culture/(Hyper)text/Image," this self described "journal of deconstruction" contains articles by, and interviews with, cultural theorists and critics concerned with, among other things, new media technologies.
Technology and Culture
Explores the history of technology from antiquity to the present day. Cutting across cultural and geographical boundaries, the journal's scope extends from examinations of specific devices and processes to analyses of the complex relationship between technology and its social and cultural environment.
The Journal of New Media Authoring in the Digital Domain. Published Quarterly from the Northwestern University Dept. of Radio/TV/Film. Current issues's special feature is "Turning the Page on Journalism - A Link to the Future of Information Acquisition and Distribution on the World Wide Web".
Tempi Moderni
Italian journal with links to many topics from box office and production information to interviews with directors.
Thresholds: viewing culture
Culture studies/media studies journal from the University of California, Santa Barbara.
The Velvet Light Trap
Offers critical essays on significant issues in film studies while expanding its commitment to television as well as film research. Each issue provokes debate about critical, theoretical, and historical topics relating to a particular theme.
Weltwunder der Kinematographie
German journal focusing on film technology and film history.
Wide Angle
A film quarterly of theory, criticism, and practice. Wide Angle examines a variety of topics ranging from international cinema to the history and aesthetics of film.

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