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General Online Film/TV Databases

The Internet Movie Database
An international volunteer effort coordinated via the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.movies, covering tens of thousands of movies and TV programs.

The database includes filmographies; plot summaries; character names; movie ratings; year of release; running times; movie trivia; quotes; goofs; soundtracks; personal trivia; alternative names; certificates; color information; country of production; genres; production companies; sound mix; reference literature; filming locations; sequel/remake information; release dates; advertising tag lines; detailed technical data; and Academy Award information.

The database is available, for free, from several different locations. Choose the one closest to you and if you cannot get through, try another. A guide to the database is also available

iGuide's Pictures/Players Database
Culled from CineBooks' The Motion Picture Guide, this database includes cast, credits and reviews for over 30,000 movies, plus filmographies for more than 500,000 moviemakers. Extensive information on each film.
The All-Movie Guide
Contains information about 71,500 feature films (131,000 films and videos total), 200,000 actors, 12,000 star bios, 750,000 cast credits, and 400,000 production credits. At this point you can search by "name" and "film title", but more searches are promised in the months to come.

Other Databases and Collections of Film/TV Reviews

Animation Database
Database for credits of the American Animated Short Cartoons (1928-1972). Covers 4,957 films from WB, MGM, Disney, Van Beuren,Famous Studio Waler Lantz, Screen Gems, UPA, Terrytoons, Fleischer & other studios.
Artcom International's Database of Movies and Videos on AIDS/HIV
The non-profit organization Artcom' International fosters the use of movies and videos as a prevention tool in the fight against Aids. Artcom'International has thus decided to provide movies and videos free of charge to private and public organizations wishing to screen them publicly and freely. This has been made possible through the help of producers and distributors.
The Definitive UK Sitcom List
A complete list of situation comedies that have ever been made in the UK and broadcast on UK terrestrial television. Stored at Manchester University.
Hong Kong Movies
Various info on Hong Kong filmmaking. Includes a searchable database with information about Hong Kong movie actors.
Mass Media Article Index
This specialized database produced at Penn State indexes over 17,500 articles published from 1984 to date in over 60 mass media journals. The database does not include articles from trade journals (e.g., Cable Television) or film journals unless they also cover television. Only articles are indexed; book or media reviews and editorials are not indexed.
The Middlesex News Film Reviews
Gopher site with reviews of many recent films.
Polish Cinema Database
Current contents includes information on the motion pictures made in Poland after the World War II (that is after 1947) to the present. Some of the films made by Polish directors abroad are also included. Overall, for the opening of the database to the public, the index contains over 1,000 film titles; over 300 have more detailed descriptions.
Science Fiction Movie Reviews
The Science Fiction Gopher site with links to reviews of movies and literature.
The Ultimate TV List
All manner and form of TV databases, lists and indexes. Contains over 3600 links for over 600 shows.
Video and Movie Review Database at Iowa State University
Searchable database of video and film reviews.
Women's Studies Film Reviews
Feminist reviews, mostly from Linda Lopez McAlister's radio program "The Women's Show" WMNF-FM 88.5, Tampa, FL.

Select Online Catalogues to Archives/Libraries

Asian Pacific American Film, Video and Audio Collection
The National Asian American Telecommunications Assn (NAATA)/CrossCurrent Media and the UC Berkeley Media Resources Center
HADDON: An on-line catalogue of archival ethnographic film.
The HADDON project - named after Alfred Court Haddon, the early British anthropologist and pioneer in the use of film in anthropological research - was established in October 1994 to collect information on the early history of ethnographic cinema.
The (U.S.) Library of Congress: General Information
You may search the LoCIS system by making a Telnet connection to locis.loc.gov.
The Vanderbilt TV News Archive, Vanderbilt University
Since August 5th 1968, The Television News Archive has systematically recorded, abstracted, and indexed national television newscasts.
University of Waterloo (Canada) Audio Visual Centre
WATMEDIA has a large film/video collection (including features) and their database contains helpful documentation on their holdings.
Marjorie Mitchell Media Center, Northwestern University
Feature films listed--including some cast and credit information.
The Prelinger Archives
Richard Prelinger's collection of strange and screwy, "ephemeral" films, with advice on how to run an archive.
Instructional Media Center, Purdue University

Miscellaneous Information Services

Film and Video Sources for Educators
A bibliography of books and indexes available in the Vanderbilt University's Education Library, which provide sources and guidelines for obtaining and using films and videos in the classroom.
Guide to Film, TV and Video Resources on the Net.
Compiled by Lisa R. Wood and Kristen's Garlock. Last updated March 30, 1994.
Guide to Theater, Film, and Television Resources
Compiled by Kara Robinson.

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