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There are many different ways for people to discuss film/TV on the Internet, in general, and the World Wide Web, in specific. But, basically speaking, there are two main ways to enter into the discussion:

  1. Have mail sent personally to your e-mail address. You enter the discussion by sending messages in reply. Typically, these sort of discussion groups are based on software such as LISTSERV and Majordomo.
  2. Connect to a distant computer and read through messages there--with the option of adding your own messages to the discussion. This is done through Usenet "newsgroups"--sort of like bulletin boards focusing on thousands of different topics.
To learn more about LISTSERV, other mailer servers, and Usenet, read SCREENSite's listserv info or check out Patrick Crispen Miller's Internet Roadmap Course.

If you're interested in having discussion messages sent directly to you, consult SCREENsite's list of film/TV/video discussion groups.

If you want to browse through discussions on Usenet, then explore the film/TV/video Usenet newsgroups from SCREENsite's main discussion groups page. Your WWW browser may not be configured to access these newsgroups, however, so don't be too disappointed if you stumble across an error message or two.

A few of these newsgroups, such as bit.listserv.screen-l, are associated with e-mail discussion groups (in this case, SCREEN-L). In this situation, the mail that is distributed through e-mail is also collected in the newsgroup. You have the option, then, of receiving individual messages directly or of reading them in a newsgroup.

Moreover, SCREEN-L is directly associated with SCREENsite. Announcements about SCREENsite's development are among the topics presented on SCREEN-L. Further information is available about joining SCREEN-L.

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