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Film and Television Studies

Established in August 1993 to provide a forum for scholars and professionals in the fields of film history, communication, and popular culture. To subscribe to H-FILM, send the following message to listserv@msu.edu:

subscribe h-film First Name Last Name Affiliation

For more information about this list, contact Steven Mintz at smintz@uh.edu or browse the H-FILM Gopher.

SCREEN-L is a discussion group centering on the study of film and television. For comprehensive information on SCREEN-L, consult its FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which is updated monthly (if necessary). SCREEN-L's current messages are contained in bit.listserv.screen-l, a Usenet discussion group that is directly connected to SCREEN-L. SCREEN-L's past messages are collected into weekly archives with names like "SCREEN-L - archives for 9411A." (9411A is computer-speak for the eleventh month of 1994; Aindicates the first week of that month.) Up until October 1994 the messages were bundled on a monthly rather than weekly basis. SCREEN-L's archive may be searched using e-mail. Here's how.

SCREEN-L is directly associated with SCREENsite. Announcements about SCREENsite and its development are among the topics discussed there. Further information is available about joining SCREEN-L.

Other Film/TV/Media Discussion Groups

From the Association For Moving Image Archivists this list is comprised of academic archivists and librarians concerned with, among other things, restoring and preserving rare, valuable or old film and video.

Send command subscribe amia-l Your Name to listserv@ukcc.uky.edu.

High volume discussion of all forms of cinema, in all its aspects. Its founding is based on the understanding that most people who watch and enjoy movies do so from a variety of viewpoints, and that a general, unlimited forum is desirable for both the integration and expansion of cinematic ideas, techniques, and understanding.

Send command subscribe cinema-l Your Name to listserv@american.edu. Cinema-L's recent messages are located in bit.listserv.cinema-l.

Created to give Criminal Justice educators an opportunity to utilize popular culture as a pedagogical tool. Send command subscribe cjmovies Your Name to listserv@uacsc2.albany.edu

For discussions of film projection and exhibition. Send subscription request to: exhibitionists-request@jvnc.net.

Discussion of motion picture (not video) production, with an emphasis on technical issues. Heavily stressed are construction and design issues for small bedget filmmaking.

Send command subscribe filmmakers to majordomo@power.net.

For wide-ranging discussions of Australian film.
Send command SUBSCRIBE FILMOZ-TALK to: LISTSERV@latrobe.edu.au.

This is an open forum for discussing dramatic music for films and television. Some possible topics are reviews of current film scores and albums, discussion of film composers, film music history and theory, and information about film music credits, location and availability of research materials and how to get in touch with film music professionals.

Send command subscribe filmus-l to listserv@iubvm.ucs.indiana.edu.

A forum for the discussion of the theory of film and cinema in all its aspects: aesthetic, artistic, cultural, social, philosophical and political.

Send command subscribe film-theory to majordomo@lists.village.virginia.edu. For more information visit Film-Theory web page at the Spoon Collective Web Site.

For the discussion of experimental film.
Send command subscribe frameworks your name to: listserv@listserv.aol.com

GODARD-LIST is an open, unmoderated discussion list regarding film director Jean-Luc Godard. The list is designed for persons studying, researching, writing, teaching, thinking, talking, gossiping, dreaming, making films, and ultimately loving all things Godardian. Discussion, therefore, is invited regarding the study of Uncle Jean's work, his ongoing impact on cinema, and his many disciples/imitators.

To subscribe, send the command subscribe godard-list in the BODY of your message to majordomo@newsite.newschool.edu.

For the discussion of horror in film and literature.
Send command subscribe horror Your Name to listserv@iubvm.ucs.indiana.edu.

Unmoderated list for the discussion of labor films and the production of a network guide to labor films from different countries and historical periods.

Subscribe to laborfilms-request@cougar.com.

Forum for media services professionals to discuss procedures and policies for media centers, utilization and availability of audio and visual material, copyright issues and transmitting audio and visual material over networks.

Send command subscribe media-l Your Name to listserv@bingvmb.cc.binghamton.edu.

For open discussions about the techniques, aesthetics and future of music for film, television, video, computer animation, drawn animation, virtual reality simulators, games, and new areas, as yet to be invented. It is not essentially a list about hardware or software developments.

Send command subscribe music-and-moving-pictures to listproc@mailbase.ac.uk.

Forum for discussing performance in all media.
Send command Subscribe Perform-l Your Name to: listserv@acfcluster.nyu.edu.

Open to analytical discussion of all aspects of popular culture. Material relevant to building bridges between popular culture and traditional culture strongly encouraged.

Send message subscribe popcult Your Name to: mailserv@camosun.bc.ca

A discussion list created for film studies students.
Send command subscribe rosebud Your Name to: listserv@searn.sunet.se

For discussions about all aspects of the screenwriting process.
Send command subscribe scrnwrit Your Name to: listserv@tamvm1.tamu.edu

Movies-seivoM, the Self-Referential Movies Mailing List, recommends and discusses movies that "break the 4th wall" and display a more-overt- than-usual awareness of themselves as movies. Movies about Hollywood, movies where someone appears "as himself," movies-within-movies, movies that play with genre conventions or comment on the phenomenon of stardom, are all fertile territory.

To subscribe send a message to movies-seivom@kinexis.com with subscribe in the subject line.

Free-ranging conference on all kinds of TV programs.
Send command subscribe tv-l Your Name to: listserv@vm3090.ege.edu

Open to individuals interested in all aspects of video production and operations, VIDPRO-L focuses on professional video production and serves as a forum for questions and concerns about any aspect of video production.

Send command subscribe vidpro-l Your Name to listproc2@bgu.edu.

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